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Ilgaz Construction Trade Co.

The activities on, primarily the construction and contracting works, prefabricated industrial structure production, prestressed beam production and beam installation works with launching girder.




Fil Construction Machinery Industry Limited Company

Business activities in construction contracting works, especially in high buildings and industrial buildings. Additionally, production of prefabricated concrete elements and installation contracting works of produced elements.




Railone Ilgaz Railway Systems Production Import Export Limited Company

It has been founded in Turkey as a partnership with German Rail.One GmbH firm. Scope of the company is production of prestressed railway sleeper production.




TI Wagon Factory Co.

It has been founded in Turkey as partnership with Slovakian Tatravagonka Poprad sro. Scope of the company is production of railway freight cars complaint to TSI.




Smeet Precast - Ilgaz JV

It has been founded with SMEET Precast in Qatar, a leading producer of precast elements. Target of this Joint Venture is to produce new technological concrete precast elements like MSE walls, I beams, sheltered fields, composite armor blocks, etc.