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a- Construction of Bridges and Viaducts

Our company makes turnkey bridges and viaducts. Some projects we have completed in this context; Amasya-Tasova road Kuzgece I, Kuzgece II, Dutluk, Onluk, Durucasu, Ilıca (8 bridges), Pozantı-Tarsus Highway Kocakapız Bridges, Mersin Mezitli Babel Bridge, Zonguldak Akçakoca Kavukkavlağı Bridge, Balikesir DDY Overpass Bridge .

Saudi Arabia started construction of 6 viaducts in the scope of Riyadh ring road project, some of its basic constructions were completed and delivered. The production, transportation and installation of prefabricated prefabricated beams within the scope of NPOEKT MOCT M 1 bridge project under the supervision of TOO Ceylan in Astana, Kazakhstan was completed in 2006. The beams involved in this project were produced at our own facility, which we built in Astana City. In March 2007, the turn-key construction of 66 span Viaduct 4 with a length of 2400 meters in the scope of Ankara-Istanbul Railway High Speed ​​Train Project and the construction of 6 river crossing bridge beams in the same project, the production, transfer and installation of 7 river crossing bridge beams in the ALSİM-ALARKO predicate under the same project with the turn-key construction of the overhead bridge overpass in the same project were completed.

Ankara - Pozantı Motorway in Çiftehan - Pozantı Section of the Tekfen - Tubin - Özdemir project in 2009 was completed. In addition, all the projected beams of other viaducts under this Project were produced, transported and assembled. The "Turkmenavtoyolları Devlet Kurumu 186 Highway Bridges Turnkey Construction Work" which is tendered by the Turkmenistan State Institution Avtoyolları is a joint venture of Firmalardan Net Yapı ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Completed by Şti. In project scope; There are 31 highway bridges between Arcman and Turkmenbashi, 30 between Ashgabat and Mary, 20 between Turkmenabad and Farab and between Ashgabat and Dashoguz. A total of 1,700 people were employed with technical personnel and prefabricated facilities for pile and beam production were established in Buzmein and Bereket regions.


b-Beam Mounting Works with Launching Girder

There are 3 launching girders in our company. In Turkey, many bridges and viaducts in the beam assembly work completed by our company and continues to completion.

Some projects we have completed; Elazığ - Mazgirt road viaducts, Kayseri Felahiye Yamula Dam, Trabzon city crossing Zagnos Tabakhane bridges, Gedelözü viaduct built by the NCKY Adi Ortaklığı within the boundaries of Niğde Ulukışla İli, the work of placing 252 projected beams with launching girder, Artvin / Borçka Dam and HEPP construction Mounting of beams in the area of ​​Gaziantep / Nizip Highway, Mounting of steel beams of Botan bridge in Siirt Province, Mounting of Pozantı-Ankara Highway viaduct beams within the scope of TTO Joint Initiative, Installation of viaduct beams of Ankara-Kırıkkale Road Elmadağ Ramps, Adana Production and erection of viaduct beams within the scope of FEKE II HEPP Project located within the boundaries of Illi Feke District, Viy production and erection of joist beams, installation of steel beams for ILISU Dam Downstream Bridge. In addition, Enka - Bechtel Company has been carrying out loading, unloading and transporting of 160 tons of bridge and viaduct beams within the scope of Albanian Highway Project by our company.

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