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Ilgaz Construction & Trade Ltd. The company is established in 1994 in Adana, Turkey. In recent years, within the scope of construction services, The Group Companies of Ilgaz Construction have focused on building works. Our Company has become a leader in Turkey in the transportation of prestressed and non-prestressed beams used in bridges and viaducts and in the installation of LAUNCHING GIRDER. Currently, 3 Modern Integrated Facilities producing precast concrete elements, 2 Prestressed Precast Concrete Beam Production Plants, 1 Prestressed Sleeper Production Plant, 1 Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant, and construction sites in various regions of Turkey are available within the Group. Our Company employs over 1000 technical staff, foremen and skilled personnel. Construction works of railways, highways, airports, bridges, thermal power plants, oil and natural gas pipelines, metros, dams, housing, factory projects for official institutions and organizations and private companies in Turkey, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Russia, and production and installation of all kinds of prefabricated industrial buildings, infrastructures, landscaping elements, prestressed and non-prestressed beams is realized by our company.